Twentinox LED Media Façade

On 8th November we presented our newest development at the Material Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam: The Twentinox LED Media Façade

metal façade with integrated modular LED panels

The façade of a new Amsterdam pop concert hall that seats 17.000, is wall-covered with a translucent Twentinox metal fabric. The metal shield serves as framework for LED panels, to broadcast corporate identity. Integrated modular LED panels show upcoming events in advanced resolution.
With this architecture, client established a solution that fits future demands to enlarge the publishing surface, with best economical and ecological performances for coming decades.



illumination by night

Twentinox material DELTA LIMA offers the perfect features to incorporate LED screens for facade use: The sophisticated clicking system allows quick mounting or removal. The supreme quality stainless steel components, ensure a strong, long lasting, wind and weather resistant façade frame.
Twentinox LED frame is a cost-effective achievement in the field of media facades. It is a new style to broadcasts high quality motion pictures in a solid metal mesh framework on a large surface area. The LED area is modular and can be enlarged.