Sint Lucas College

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    Sint Lucas College

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    The former Philips Natlab in Eindhoven is transformed by Cepezed architects into Sint Lucas College for creative & technological studies for lower and intermediate education. Design is geared towards generating a real creative community by means of a spacious arrangement where functions are linked in a coherent and well-considered way. The building is integrated by a large communal heart.
    For all balustrades around the main “square” has been chosen Twentinox SIERRA PAPA 18-2,5 mesh in stainless steel. The homogeneous appearance is emphasized by hiding all installation and  mounting parts in the steel frames, and by keeping the same orientation of the woven spirals both for straight and oblique panels. The high level of detailing makes the complete image of the platforms and corridors with its railings very distinguished and respectful towards existing building.
    High incidence of natural light, openness and transparency has been introduced to the whole complex.

    Sint Lucas has been nominated for the BNA Best building of the year award 2017 in the category Stimulating environments.