Reception desk for the Department of Applied Physics

  • Type project:

    Movable curtains

  • Locatie:

    Delft University of Technology

  • Producten:
  • Omschrijving:

    In the spacious atrium of laboratory complex of Delft University of Technology the different functions are mixed. The central hall is the main traffic junction as well as its social heart. There are located benches, study places and the main reception desk. The idea of architect was to cover and decorate this working unit with Twentinox curtain GOLF ROMEO 7-1,6 mesh in stainless steel. The movable screen creates an unobtrusive division between the bustling space of the atrium and the modest service desk when closed. The closure is not fixed and allows to play with the extent of the curtains and the transparency. During the working hours of the reception the curtains are performing their decorative function being folded in a regular harmonica shape and moved to the curved sides of the desk. The bended tracks are placed in the ceiling cove and hidden by the wooden finishing planks. This detail is reducing the free space between the curtain and ceiling.