Safety first, but in gold

Safety first, but in gold

Since the representative auditorium of the middle school centre could no longer meet the regulations for escape routes, the architect designed a stair tower that is safe in case of emergency and blends harmoniously with its surroundings.

Thanks to our spiral mesh in Nordic Gold the stair tower appears in different colours depending on the daylight, this brings out a special look and shine. During the night it looks glamorous and sparkly, because of the beautiful lightning that points out the golden treasure of this tower.

Despite being a beautiful tower, the primary function is safety. Our spiral mesh can be relied on this, it ensures fall protection, when you walk down the stair tower. The mesh is securely anchored within rectangular frames, shaping the polygonal plan.

The fixing elements, such as rods and cable ties, harmoniously align with the material of the wire, achieving a seamless integration. Because of the present lighting the stair tower is also safe to walk down when it’s dark outside.

Performing in style


Blended in the design

Due to the type, material and specification that has been chosen, this mesh fits perfectly into the surroundings.

Incredibly durable

The Nordic Gold wire from Twentinox is incredibly durable and can withstand all weather conditions.

Enhanced by light

Because of the lightning it is safe to walk down the stair tower by night, but it also gives a glamorous and sparkly look.

Fall protection

It should never be unsafe in a stair tower, but in use of emergencies all the way. Fortunately, our mesh ensures this safety and serves in this application as fall protection.
Blueprint for success


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Lucerne, Switzerland