Advice and options

Twentinox is a manufacturer and supplier. We are fully familiar with all the characteristics of our products, and know how the meshes will behave in most circumstances. Our portfolio encompasses everything from a library in Melbourne and a theatre in Umeå, to a designer ceiling (Starbucks) and trade show stands in fashionable Milan.

We will be happy to contribute to the customer’s thinking process, upon request. We have already advised a great many architects and contractors on what is and is not possible in terms of design and installation. Each and every collaboration adds to our project portfolio.

Partners in business

Twentinox is part of the Twentebelt Holding along with Twentebelt, manufacturer of metal conveyor belts. We use the same raw materials and facilities, but use them to create completely different end products.

Twentebelt is all about functionality. Customers sing the praises of the reliability and quality of their products.

Big and small projects

Size does matter. But details are the key to perfection. Our products do not have to be massive to have impact. It’s all about the right mesh in the right place.

Share your vision and we’ll assist in creating the perfect match to enhance your design. Whether it’s a ton of work, nimble update, exceptionally high or extremely low, we’ll come up with a unique fit that will complement your project and its environment.

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