Evening glow

Evening glow

It’s like walking into a fairy tale when you enter Nacarat restaurant. The meaning of Nacarat is evening glow and the design of the restaurant illustrates that very well. From the leather upholstery on the bar to the wall of painted coconut bark pieces. Literally every detail in the restaurant has been thought through. Even the floor is decorated with an intricate pattern of brightly colored shiny marble and the lighting in the ceiling, which consists of 270 fixtures, looks like a starry sky.

The moment the elevator doors open, our ‘golden’ curtains provide a semitransparent view on this intriguing restaurant, complementing its chic and colorful design.

Performing in style


Blended in the design

Due to the type, material and specification that has been chosen, this mesh fits perfectly into the design.


When the elevator doors open, our semi-transparent woven mesh provides an abstruse view on the restaurant.

Quick and easy to mount

Our mesh is connected to a horizontal bar which makes it very easy to detach.
Blueprint for success


Amsterdam, The Netherlands