On weather effects, engineering and transport

On weather effects, engineering and transport

The façade is on the exterior and therefore needs to be capable of withstanding the elements. It is made of stainless steel of an outdoor standard of quality (AISI 316 / WS 1.4401).

Our engineering department developed a smaller mesh size at the customer’s request, with de Architekten Cie subsequently assessing the end result from an aesthetic perspective and testing its safety.

The façade has a playful character, thanks to the spiral shape of the mesh and the undulating underside. The firm of architects designed the pattern and supplied it to us in 1:1 templates. We cut the meshes in curves and the building contractor took care of the installation.

Transporting the large, heavy façade was our responsibility, and the contractor was keen to hear our thoughts on getting it attached. It needed to be as straightforward as possible, with minimal manpower required. We developed a steel tube onto which we rolled the mesh. In situ, the column was placed on a pedestal and positioned vertically alongside the façade. Thus enabling the contractor to unroll the mesh from the tube and secure it to the rail bit by bit.

Performing in style


Sustainable material

The curtain comprises reusable (stainless) steel. The façade does not require any maintenance, as the mesh is cleaned by the rain.

Mesh like a waterfall

The façade changes according to the weather. Water trickles down the spirals when it rains. An exquisite later of ice crystals will form on it in frosty conditions. And sunlight will lend it a magnificent sheen.

Rainwater turns into swimming pool water

The rainwater runs off the roof and down through the gutter and mesh, where it is caught and filtered, after which it is ready for use as swimming pool water.

Safe (and childproof) design

Façades should not attract daredevil urban climbers. Hence the openings could not exceed 8 millimetres. We developed precisely the format desired in close consultation with the architect.
Blueprint for success


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands