What is the maximum length?

There is no maximum length for the meshes.

What is the maximum height?

It is not so much that there is a maximum height as there is a maximum weight. A copper mesh, for example, cannot be unlimited in height, as it would break. Stainless steel is tougher and so it is capable of bearing more of its own weight. The maximum height will also depend on the wire diameter and size of the openings—the more wire and the smaller the openings, the heavier the finished product will be.

What is the minimum purchase in square metres?

We do not insist on a minimum purchase. You are free to order the exact number of square metres that you want.


What raw materials are used for woven metals?

We exclusively use natural materials that will last for a long time, such as copper, stainless steel and aluminium.

Are woven metals recyclable and low-maintenance?

All our raw materials are recyclable and require little to no maintenance.

How will my order be shipped?

We pack our meshes in a wooden case for transport. Wherever possible, we choose to ship them by boat and lorry. We will only send them by plane upon a customer’s request (e.g. due to time pressure).

How are woven metals finished?

We do not use any coating to create a colour or add any other properties to the material.

What happens with the waste/residual products from an order?

The fact that our meshes are always custom-made means that hardly any waste is produced.


What determines the price of woven metals?

Our pricing depends on the fluctuating costs of raw materials. We always work with up-to-date rates, meaning that if the price of stainless steel, aluminium or copper falls, so too will our prices.

How is the pricing structured?

We charge by the square metre, enabling you to work out exactly what the total amount will be. All costs are factored in to the price per square metre ex-works, from raw materials and engineering to the manufacturing process. We only calculate the transport costs separately, as we are reliant on external parties for this.

Will I get a competitive price?

As part of the Twentebelt holding, we purchase raw materials in conjunction with Twentebelt. The total quantities involved are substantial, and so we have agreed favourable procurement terms. As the customer, you will benefit from these competitive raw material prices.


What is the delivery time for woven metals?

Our production takes six weeks on average, starting from the point at which you place your order. Your architectural/design process will precede this, and any engineering required on our part for your project will extend the time frame. Transit time is also a factor and will depend on your location and the mode of transport that you select (flying is faster than sailing).

Is just-in-time delivery possible?

Of course. We can ensure that the woven metals are delivered at a point in time at which you are ready for fitting.

Can I have my order delivered anywhere?

We work throughout the world, so you can rest assured that your product will always be delivered to any location of your choosing.


What materials do you work with?

We only use solid materials, without coating:

  • Stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316)
  • Brass (CuZn15)
  • Phosphor bronze (copper alloy CuSn6)
  • Nordic gold (aluminium alloy, AlBz8)
  • Red copper (Cu)

Samples & mock-up

Can I request samples?

Samples can be requested from us by phone and e-mail. We will ask you a few questions in order to let you know promptly what type of samples will be of interest to you. Thus precluding the possibility of you selecting a mesh that turns out to be inappropriate for your project.

Can I get a mock-up?

We are happy to work with mock-ups for large-scale projects. These will enable you to test all characteristics yourself and calculate well in advance how you intend to position/install the mesh.

Maintenance & cleaning

Do woven metals require cleaning and/or maintenance?

The fact that we work with natural materials means that regular cleaning or major maintenance is unnecessary. In contrast to alternatives — such as glass, paint or stone — our materials are much less prone to dirty fingers, damage or algae formation.

What cleaning products and/or materials can I use?

If you still want to clean the material or have it cleaned, then you should use a high-pressure or steam cleaner or a vacuum cleaner with brush fitting, in combination with a gentle soap.

Fitting & installation

How should woven metals be installed/fitted?

This will depend on the dimensions, location and function of the mesh. In some cases you will be able to fit the mesh yourself, but more often than not this will need to be done by an approved installation engineer. Our many years of experience make us well placed to advise you, and we will be happy to contribute our thoughts in dialogue with you, the installation engineer and/or contractor to ensure an optimum solution. You know everything there is to know about your project and we know everything there is to know about our product.

Is any special machinery required for the installation/fitting?

We can develop packaging for each of our meshes to make the installation/fitting as straightforward as possible.

Manufacturer & production

Who manufactures the woven metals?

We take care of the whole process in-house, from purchasing materials through to engineering and production. The wire is mechanically processed to meet the desired specifications. The weaving of the wire and finishing (welding or bending) of the side is done manually.

Where are the woven metals produced?

The production, bending, weaving and finishing of the wire is done at our production site in Poland. The product is engineered, packed and readied for shipment at our headquarters in the Netherlands.

Packing & shipment

What does the finished product get packed in?

We use recyclable wooden boxes, custom-made for each project. Where necessary (e.g. to ensure seaworthy shipment), we add extra material.

Who is responsible for correct packing and shipment?

It is up to us to ensure that the product arrives at its destination intact. We use the transport method of your choosing: lorry, boat or plane.

Are there any specific packaging options?

We will be happy to help you consider what is required to make the work of the installation engineer/contractor as straightforward as possible. Smart packaging is part of that. We make different boxes for façades or cladding that is several metres tall than we do for an interior design feature. Access to the premises is one factor we consider, for instance.


Are woven metals available off the shelf?

We do not hold any meshes in stock for the simple fact that no two customers order exactly the same product.

Can I reorder my product?

It is always possible to order custom-made products again. In such cases, we will develop the product for you again, in the quantity you require. Any one-off costs associated with your previous order (e.g. for engineering) will not have to be paid again.

Do you have any overstock of raw materials available?

We purchase raw materials based on each project’s requirements. Hence we never have any overstock available. The fact that our procurement is done in conjunction with our sister company (and bulk consumer) Twentebelt means we get competitive prices. As the customer, you benefit from this.