An airy curtain

An airy curtain

The World Port Centre in Rotterdam (WPC) overlooks the city and surrounding harbour from its prominent location at the far western point of the Wilhelmina pier.

Mecanoo’s user perspective method creates a concept to use the lobby as the start of the working environment by facilitating various activities. All activities enable a grand entrance and an interesting and comfortable place to stay. The concept enfolds, based on the semi-circle form of Foster’s building, with various rooms where diverse activities, both formal and informal, could be facilitated.

The design uses the space along the facade for seating and locates all facilities along the building core with improved sightlines and inside-outside connections. Design elements with a strong identity, such as the Rotterdam Port Authority backlit logo and the airy curtain above the bar are visible from the exterior. These iconic elements add value and create a sense of place for the employees and visitors.

Using the semi-circle shape at different scales and in various ways, Mecanoo created a cohesive interior design. Durable materials were chosen to match the character of the area. Metal, wood, leather, concrete and upholstery, with sound-absorbing surfaces create a tactile and textured backdrop for the various rooms. The location of the different materials are determined by how the different rooms will be used, both from an acoustic and durability perspective.

Our metal curtains have been applied in three seperate layers which all follow the semi-circle shape of the bar. Each layer has a unique specification and particular height, which is emphasized by the vertical lighting.

Performing in style



Due to the size, shape, material and lighting, this display attracts anyone who enters (or even passes) this lobby.

Enhanced by light

The unique height of each layer is emphasized by vertical lighting.

Identity shape

Our metal curtains have been curved in the semi-circle shape to create and enhance the cohesive interior design of the lobby.

Multiple layers

All three layers are crafted from the same solid brass material, but each layer has its own unique specification.
Blueprint for success


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Rotterdam, The Netherlands