What is possible (and not possible) with woven metals

What is possible (and not possible) with woven metals

The State Library’s bookshop is a commercial business accommodated within the museum. Consequently, the shop needed to be lockable and yet add value (from an aesthetic perspective) after closing. The architects were keen to maintain the interaction between both spaces. Our lockable curtains proved to be the right solution.

Architectus and Schmidt Hammer Lassen opted for our sleek Golf Romeo mesh featuring rectangular openings with a golden finish. Golden, of course, means made of brass. Which is a great material, but even our solid variety would not prove strong enough for a curtain measuring 5 x 15 metres. We therefore advised using stainless steel, which is capable of effortlessly withstanding the forces involved.

The next challenge was its weight, as stainless steel is heavy. And yet the owner of the bookshop was keen to manually open and close the curtains each day. We contributed our thoughts on striking the optimum balance between wire diameter and size of openings in the mesh. Ensuring a result that was as strong and light as possible. We also advised the building contractor to use rails and runners of theatre quality. As a result of which, the system ultimately works so smoothly that even 280 kilogrammes can be moved effortlessly using just one hand.

Performing in style


5 x 15 meter curtain

Two huge curtains form the bookshop’s flexible walls. We installed the corner lock where the curtains meet.

Including locks and brackets

We developed the bespoke profiles and the corner lock precisely in line with the customer’s specifications.

Can be opened and closed manually

The sturdy steel rolls over the rails five metres up surprisingly smoothly. Anything is possible when skilled engineers are involved.

Advice based on expertise

Most requests are unique. But sometimes they are so exclusive, that we don't have any past experience to relate to. That's where our expertise comes in. If there's a solution, we'll find it based on our product knowledge and material know-how.
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