A celebration of history

A celebration of history

In 2000, a large fireworks explosion destroyed a number of Enschede’s industrial monuments resulting in a scarcity of evidence of the city’s textile history. In order to provide a new cultural heart for the city of Enschede, the city decided to create the new TwentseWelle museum, research centre and a number of other cultural institutions on the site of the destruction.

SeARCH proposed to replace the tower’s residential accommodation with the museum’s non-public functions, and to create dwellings that are in dialogue and connect with ground level. This also allows the tower to act as a beacon and icon for the museum. The saw-tooth roof takes its form from the still discernable profile of the existing factory wall and in celebration of Enschede’s rich textile history, SeARCH designed the façade with a woven expression.

The custom-made metal curtain system we developed for this project is incredibly durable against the effects of weather. The façade features metal curtains of our SIERRA PAPA mesh which can be opened and closed automatically.

Performing in style


Standalone façade

The complete outside shell of this building consists entirely of metal curtains.

Incredibly durable

A custom-made metal curtain system was developed by our engineers, to withstand all weather conditions.

Automatic operation

All curtains present in this facade can be opened and closed automatically.
Blueprint for success


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Enschede, The Netherlands