State Library Victoria

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    Afsluitbaar gordijn

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    Melbourne - Australiƫ

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    In March 2017, the State Library Victoria in Melbourne unveiled the designs for its forthcoming $88 million redevelopment plan, Vision 2020. The project was funded by Victorian Government and partly raised through philanthropic support. The design is being led by an international, award-winning team combining the talents of Australasian design firm Architectus with Scandinavia’s Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.As part of the Vision 2020 redevelopment project, the bookshop READINGS was permitted to be established in the building of the Library as permanent commercial store.
    Twentinox delivered a complete curtain closure system for the bookshop which is situated in the meeting space called the Russell Street Welcome Zone next to the Guild café.The custom-made fixing system was fully engineered by Twentinox as well as the locking profiles for 5 meter high metal curtains. Because of the exceptional height of the mesh the most heavy-duty type of GOLF ROMEO was advised made of long-lasting material which is stainless steel.