Rietveld Architects gave the building a double glass façade (8.5 metres tall) with air cavity. They incorporated our rustproof mesh into that cavity, to provide solar control on clear days. As soon as the sun comes out, the curtain folds open concertina-style. It looks like a transparent veil and provides a clear view of the harbour. And, of course, it lets plenty of daylight in.

Performing in style


Solar and heat control

The woven stainless steel curtain has a three-dimensional structure, meaning the view through it changes depending on the angle. You can see the most through the mesh at a right angle to it. Thus providing optimum heat protection for the building when the sun is blazing.

Openness, light and transparency

The openness and transparency of the mesh dovetail neatly with the desire to foster a sense of tranquillity in the building. Users have a full, unimpeded view, while the curtains keep out the glare and heat from the sun.

Driven by the sun

The strikingly tall curtains open and close automatically, depending on the weather conditions. Each curtain can also be controlled manually.

Flexible concertina

The curtains open and close horizontally concertina-style. The gentle folds attest to the flexibility of the material.
Blueprint for success


Project details
Amsterdam, The Netherlands