Glitter & Glamour

Glitter & Glamour

Located in a magnificent theater building at Bahnhof Zoo, Delphi Filmpalast is Germany’s largest art house auditorium. From the temple-like exterior with stone lions and decorative vases, to the glittering interior, to the auditorium with more than 600 seats and 4K Laser projection, everything here is larger than life.

This iconic cinema in the heart of West Berlin, is considered Germany’s biggest independent screen and one of Berlin’s most important premiere venues.

Our curtain has been placed in the lobby as part of the glittering interior of the historic theater.

Performing in style


Enhanced design

Among all the glitter and glamour, our brass curtain is just a touch of beautiful decor which fits the atmosphere of this historic theatre like a glove.

A masked wall

When our mesh is applied as cladding it mostly serves to distract the eye from aesthetically unappealing elements.

Subtle element

Although this curtain is not massive, it fits perfectly, does exactly what it should and looks great while doing it.
Blueprint for success


Project details
Berlin, Germany