Safe open balustrades

Safe open balustrades

SintLucas College in Eindhoven is not just a school building but also a hotspot to learn, meet and inspire. It is a school for creative-technical and entrepreneurial (pre)vocational education.

With its prominent place in the creative district of Strijp-S and all the possibilities and facilities, the new building stimulates an interaction between learning and practice.

In the heart of this vocational college, students from all kinds of departments bump into one another. Like a five-way junction, from which balustrades lead to the surrounding classrooms.

Our woven metals ensure an unimpeded view in all directions.

Performing in style


Fall protection

The primary function of panels along staircases and balustrades is fall protection, and our rustproof steel meshes can be relied on for this. And they feature a beautiful pattern of lines too.

Transparent panels

The meshes are mounted in steel brackets so that they do not need to support their own weight. We combined thin wire with large openings. The ultimate transparency.


Our woven metals do not attract any dirt or dust. Nor are fingerprints an issue, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Prefabricated and custom-made

Each of the 28 meshes was bespoke, cut precisely to fit, in line with the building contractor’s specifications. In total, the balustrades span more than 335 metres within this vocational college.
Blueprint for success


Project details
Eindhoven, The Netherlands